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List of Past issues

 FTA, EPA will destroy what remains of Japan’s agriculture ( July 26, 2010)
 Kan gov’t agrees with IMF call to raise consumption tax to 22 % ( July 16, 2010)
 METI gives notice about measures to relieve SMEs (April 20 & 21, 2010)
 Keidanren ‘growth strategy’ will deprive even large corporations of their future - Akahata editorial[Editorial] (April 15, 2010)
 Shii meets with CPV external relations commission chair ( March 19, 2010)
 Myth of auto-giant Toyota (March 8 & 9, 2010)
 Large corporations amass 1.1 trillion yen in internal reserves in 9 months (March 3, 2010)
 The background behind Toyota recall ( February 5 & 6, 201)
 Small company owners hold rally demanding government measures to support their businesses (January 28, 2010)
 Large corporations accumulate huge net profits as ‘internal reserves’ (January 14, 2010)
 Consumers call for cut in consumption tax on daily goods ( December 25, 2009)
 JCP Kami demands cancellation of FTA negotiations with Australia and the U.S.  ( November 20, 2009)
 Wages paid to wives in family-run businesses be tax-deductible expense  (November 18, 2009)
 Consumers calls on JCP to work to cut consumption tax ( October 15, 2009)
 Anti-poverty volunteers urge government to avoid setting up ‘tent village’ ( October 15, 2009)
 Why has Japan Airlines run into financial difficulty? ( Sunday edition, October 11, 2009)
 Smaller business owners make representations to government ( October 3, 2009)
 DPJ calls for Free Trade Agreement with U.S. ( August 3, 2009)
 Small factory owners call for government support ( June 27, 2009)
 JCP lawmakers request that government help local businesses recover from H1N1 flu-related losses (May 29, 2009 )
 Shii criticizes government’s economic stimulus measures with no policy change (April 10, 2009)
 Government’s economic stimulus plan offers neither strategy nor hope for better livelihood (April 10, 2009)
 International rules needed for money markets [Editorial] (February 27, 2009)
 Favorable response to Shii’s call for Diet testimony by big business (February 9, 2009)
 Toyota makes 12.8 trillion yen in surplus in Apr.-Dec. period (February 7, 2009)
 Smaller businesses, not large corporations, need government help: JCP Yoshii  (February 6, 2009)
 Self-sustaining growth? (February 5, 2009)
 2nd supplementary budget will only worsen economy[Editorial] (January 27, 2009)
 JCP criticizes major banks for their reluctance to finance SMEs and its forcible debt collection policies (January 21, 2009 )
 Postponing WTO ministerial meeting is proof of need to establish democratic rules  (December 14, 2008)
 Japan must reject WTO chair proposal in agriculture talks[Editorial] (December 11, 2008 )
 Fiscal Systems Council calls for ‘big-boned’ policy line that will further deepen economic crisis [Editorial] (November 27, 2008 )
 JCP urges government to change policy to defend jobs (November 27, 2008)
 Over 5 million people signed ‘No consumption tax hike’ petition (November 23, 2008)
 JCP Shii calls for nationwide effort to block consumption tax increase (November 6, 2008)
 Aso’s economic package will only discourage people from spending money: JCP Sasaki (November 5, 2008 )
 Government’s stimulus plan won’t protect the public from ailing economy (October 31, 2008)
 Stop spoiling major banks that bully SMEs: JCP Sasaki (October 30, 2008)
 Raising consumption tax is suicidal for domestic demand[Editorial] (October 28, 2008)
 10 billionaires received tax breaks amounting to 18.3 billion yen in FY 2006 (October 27, 2008 )
 Shii calls on government to give strong guidance to banks (October 24, 2008)
 3,500 small business owners hold rally calling for change in politics (October 23, 2008)
 Do not force ordinary people to pay the cost of financial fallout[Editorial] (October 15, 2008)
 JCP Shii comments on financial crisis caused by casino capitalism (October 15, 2008)
 Do not shift burden of failure of casino capitalism onto ordinary people (October 11, 2008)
 It’s time to break with casino capitalism[Editorial] (September 17, 2008 )
 Economy that continues to count on U.S. market has no future[Editorial] (September 7, 2008)
 ‘Government must take urgent measures to curb soaring oil prices’ -- Trucking association members  (August 27, 2008)
 Government ‘structural reform’ policy is not the answer [Editorial] (July 9, 2008)
 JCP Ichida urges prime minister to drastically change government economic policy (January 24, 2008)

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