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2022 Jan 12 - 18
2022 Jan 05 - 11
2021 Dec 22 - 2022 Jan 04

Candidates for CDPJ leadership election value opposition parties’ collaboration in general election

JCP Secretariat Head Koike Akira said that three candidates for the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan’s new leadership election highly evaluated the unified efforts of opposition parties in the October 31 general election.

Top court justices who rejected dual surname system receive many 'no' votes against them in national review

In a national review of the 15-member Supreme Court justices, all eleven contested judges won the confidence of voters, but the four judges who received the most "non-confidence" votes are those who had disapproved a dual-surname system.


Improvement in Braille ballot is necessary for visually-challenged voters

According to the Tokyo Council of Japan for the Visually Impaired, some voters with visual impairment had no choice but to give up voting because the list of the names in Braille was not available at early-voting stations.

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Labor unions declare the start of 2022 'shunto' wage-bargaining talks

Union members gathered outside the Keidanren building, declaring the start of this year's labor-ma...
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