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Break with Nuclear Power
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Withdraw gov’t call to restart nuclear reactor operations: Shii

June 24,2011
Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo on June 23 urged Prime Minister Kan Naoto to retract his call on local governments to approve resuming operations of the nuclear reactors in their localities that are currently shut down.

Shii met with Chief Cabinet Secretary Edano Yukio at the prime minister’s office and criticized the government for declaring the “safety” of the suspended nuclear reactors after supposedly confirming that they have appropriately taken countermeasures against severe accidents.

Shii also pointed out that the local governments hosting the suspended nuclear reactors have responded to the request with sharp criticism, saying, “It is unworthy of consideration.”

Edano replied, “Considering the mood of the general public, we cannot resume operations of the nuclear reactors as long as it is strongly opposed by local governors.”

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