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Break with Nuclear Power
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JCP calls for full-scale shift to renewable energy JCP calls for full-scale shift to renewable energy

June 14,2011
The Japanese Communist Party on June 13 published an energy policy proposal calling for the immediate withdrawal from nuclear power generation and the full-scale promotion of renewable energy.

At a press conference in the Diet building, JCP Chair Shii Kazuo stated, “The Fukushima nuclear accident has generated the question whether we should keep the present energy policy relying on nuclear power generation.”

Shii said that the ongoing nuclear power plant crisis has revealed the following points: accidents at nuclear power plants have unique risks not shared with other types of accidents; nuclear power generation technology has not been fully established; it is dangerous to concentrate nuclear power plants in a quake-prone nation; the outcome of adherence to the “safety myth” of nuclear energy has become clear; and, there is no such thing as “safe” nuclear power generation.

Referring to the unique risks of nuclear accidents, Shii criticized remarks made by pro-nuclear power advocates, including former Prime Minister Nakasone Yasuhiro who said, “Airplanes also have a risk of crashing.” “Once radioactive materials are released, we have no way to contain them. We cannot limit the geographical areas or the time period that radiation damage will entail. People’s fear concerning this is spreading nationwide,” Shii stressed.

Pointing out that a safe way to dispose of spent nuclear fuel has not been found, Shii said that spent fuel already occupies 87% of the capacity of the nuclear reprocessing plant at Aomori’s Rokkasho Village and will soon fill up all storage pools at nuclear power stations throughout Japan.

Shii also criticized the government for continuing to depend on nuclear power generation by promising to set the world’s highest safety standards. He stressed, “Implementing maximum efforts to minimize the dangers associated with nuclear power generation is necessary. However, we still have to face the fact that there is no such thing as a safe nuclear power plant. The issue is whether the Japanese people can continue to accept such a dangerous technology.”

Withdraw from nuclear power generation within 5-10 years

Shii emphasized the need for the government to make a political decision to withdraw from nuclear power generation. He said that it is essential that a time limit for putting an end to the use of nuclear energy and an alternative energy policy should be set based on public discussions. Then he proposed that “the government draw up a program to break away from nuclear power generation in five to ten years.”

Shii explained that during this 5-10 year period, Japan should reduce power consumption 10% from the current level and increase the proportion of electricity produced from natural energy sources by 250%, so that it will be able to provide the same amount of electricity generated by nuclear power plants.

Shii called on the government to immediately embark on a project to roll back nuclear power dependence and to establish a nuclear power regulatory organ for minimizing the risk of accidents at nuclear power stations. He also called for full-scale introduction of natural energy sources and efforts to create a low-energy society.

In conclusion, Shii said, “The JCP will arouse public oppinion in order to form a national consensus for discontinuing nuclear power generation.”

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