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Break with Nuclear Power
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Tokai Village mayor wants Tokai Daini NPP decommissioned

October 12,2011
Murakami Tatsuya, mayor of Ibaraki’s Tokai Village hosting the Tokai Daini Nuclear Power Plant, met with the State Minister in charge of the on-going nuclear crisis Hosono Goshi at the Cabinet Office on October 11 to express his view that the Tokai Daini NPP should be decommissioned.

The mayor told the minister that it would be impossible for the village to draw up an evacuation plan, pointing out that one million people are living within a 30km radius of the plant operated by Japan Atomic Power Co.

He also cited the plant’s 30-year-old age as the reason for his suggestion for its decommissioning.

Oouchi Kumiko, Japanese Communist Party member of the Ibaraki Prefectural Assembly, said, “I’d like to cooperate with a wide range of prefectural people to support the Tokai Village mayor’s position.”

Oouchi has pointed out the danger of the aging Tokai Daini NPP at assembly sessions and demanded that Governor Hashimoto Masaru decide to decommission the plant, and not resume operations of the reactors currently under suspension.

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