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Crimes by US Servicemen
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Crimes by US Servicemen: 2008

November 11,2008
> Japan Peace Committee requests U.S. base hosting prefecture governors to urge national government to make public secret Japan-U.S. deals [November 11, 2008]
> Declassified document reveals that Japan gave up primary right of jurisdiction over crimes committed by U.S. servicemen [October 24, 2008]
> Two U.S. Marines in Okinawa arrested for stealing taxicab [October 7, 2008]
> JCP in Diet demands revocation of ban on access to document on secret arrangement with U.S. [August 28, 2008]
> Japan's waivers of jurisdiction over crimes committed by U.S. military personnel remain unchanged [August 26, 2008]
> Justice Ministry admits to pressing library to withhold document about jurisdiction over U.S. military crimes [August 21, 2008]
> National Diet Library classifies ministry documents concerning jurisdiction over U.S. military crimes [August 11, 2008]
> Justice ministry told prosecutors to accept U.S. request for waiver of Japan's primary right to exercise jurisdiction over U.S. military crimes [August 11, 2008]
> USS George Washington sailors arrested for murder [August 21, 2008]
> Japan Peace Committee demands government reveal all SOFA-related secrets [June 17, 2008]
> A U.S. sailor arrested for inflicting injury on a man [June 3, 2008]
> U.S. sailor and Japanese government brought before court for taxi holdup [May 30, 2008]
> A U.S. marine arrested for breaking hospital window [May 27, 2008]
> Drunken U.S. soldier arrested at Narita Airport [May 25, 2008]
> Japanese government's submission to U.S. revealed in dealing with U.S. soldiers' crimes [May 19, 2008]
> U.S. Marines arrested for trespassing [May 9, 2008]
> Citizens rally in protest against U.S. serviceman's murder of taxi driver [April 15, 2008]
> JCP Dietmembers protest U.S. over frequent occurrence of U.S. military crimes [April 9, 2008]
> Okinawans in Tokyo demand drastic review of Japan-U.S. Status of U.S. Forces Agreement [April 15, 2008]
> U.S. military police officer questioned by Okinawa police concerning taxi robbery [April 6, 2008]
> U.S. Navy seaman arrested on suspicion of taxi driver's murder in Yokosuka [April 4, 2008]
> Police question U.S. sailor 11 days after he was taken into custody [April 3, 2008]
> Government can no longer put absolute trust in Japan-U.S. alliance: [April 7, 2008]
> National Police Agency lacks information on U.S. military deserters in Japan [March 27, 2008]
> U.S. sailor allegedly hinted at his involvement in killing taxi driver in Yokosuka [April 1, 2008]
> Sex crime rate involving U.S. forces is extraordinarily high [March 25, 2008]
> 6,000 people in Okinawa rally demand strict measures against crimes by U.S. servicemen violating human rights [March 24, 2008]
> U.S. forces in Japan, including criminals, are privileged under Article 17 of SOFA [March 22, 2008]
> Six lawyers' groups together protest against U.S. crimes [March 16, 2008]
> Organizing committee for Okinawan rally in protest against crimes by U.S. servicemen formed [March 10, 2008]

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