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Crimes by US Servicemen
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Crimes by US Servicemen: 2009

December 28,2009
> U.S. marine arrested for trespassing armed with knife [December 28, 2009]
> Accidents and crimes by U.S. soldiers become ever more serious [January 5, 2010]
> U.S. military refuses to hand over four children of U.S. servicemen allegedly involved in attempted murder [December 4 & 6, 20]
> Okinawans call for transfer of U.S. serviceman suspected in hit-and-run [December 15, 2009]
> Okinawa's local assembly protests against hit-and-run caused by U.S. serviceman [November 26, 2009]
> Okinawans demand that U.S. forces hand over suspect [November 12, 13, an]
> Kokuta emphasizes need to review SOFA and remove U.S. bases [November 11, 2009]
> Hit-and-run accident caused by U.S. serviceman in Okinawa [November 10, 2009]
> U.S. soldier found guilty of hit and run [October 22, 2009]
> AWOL U.S. soldier in stolen truck causes road accident [September 5, 2009]
> Japan paid 600 million yen to victims of crimes and accidents caused by U.S. servicemen [May 28, 2009]
> Bilateral esecret agreement' is preventing U.S. servicemen committing crimes in Japan from being prosecuted [May 23, 2009]
> Over 80 percent of U.S. servicemen committing crimes in Japan not prosecuted [May 16, 2009]
> U.S. servicemen arrested in Okinawa [May 10-11, 2009]
> Serious crimes by U.S. soldiers increasing in Okinawa [February 17, 2009]
> U.S. Navy seaman arrested on suspicion of hit-and-run in Nagasaki [February 7, 2009]
> Yokosuka's JCP and citizens protest against assault by U.S. sailor [January 10, 2009]

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