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2014 February 26 - March 4 TOP3 [JCP]

Russia should refrain from military intervention in Ukraine: Shii

March 4, 2014
Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo called on Russia to stop its move towards military intervention in Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on March 1 expressed his intention to “use Russian forces in Ukraine until the nation’s sociopolitical situation is normalized” in the name of protecting ethnic Russians and Russian military personnel in Ukraine territory. The Russian Senate gave the green light for the president to take necessary action.

Commenting on this move at a press conference in the Diet building on March 3, Shii stated as follows:

Russia intends to send its military to and intervene in Ukraine without obtaining the consent of Ukrainian government and a resolution of the UN Security Council. This move infringes on Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial security, and will amount to an invasion of Ukraine. The JCP urges Russia to refrain from a forceful intrusion in Ukraine’s domestic matters.

The Ukraine crisis should be solved in a peaceful manner through dialogues between concerned parties without any military pressure from external forces.

Later on the same day, Shii visited the Russian Embassy in Tokyo and held talks with Ambassador Evgeny Vladimirovich Afanasiev.

Explaining about his press statement to the ambassador, the JCP chair requested that Russia refrain from taking military action in Ukraine.

The ambassador said that the president decided to send the troops to protect Russian citizens and military personnel in that country, and added that he will convey the JCP’s view to Moscow.

* * *

Ruling Liberal Democratic Party spokesperson Ishiba Shigeru at a press conference said, “If Japan sends the Self-Defense Forces troops (abroad) to protect Japanese citizens, it should not be regarded as military intervention,” showing his stance supporting Russia’s militant move against Ukraine.
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