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List of Past issues

 Citizens rally for right to distribute political fliers ( December 5, 2009)
 Tokyo Bar Association criticizes Supreme Court decision over the right to distribute flyers ( December 4, 2009)
 Political flier distributor to appeal to international society  ( December 3, 2009)
 Supreme Court finds flier distributor guilty  ( December 1, 2009)
 JCP Ichida supports foreign residents right to vote in local elections ( November 10, 2009)
 Bar association criticizes crackdown on distribution of political fliers ( November 7, 2009)
 Supreme Court must ensure proceedings over handbill posting case - Akahata editorial (excerpts) [Editorial] ( October 19, 2009)
 National rally marking Matsukawa Incident’s 60th anniversary ( October 18, 19, 2009)
 Survivors of Tokyo Raid in rally call for state compensation for victims (March 11, 2009)
 Court Decides to retry ‘Yokohama Incident’ case (November 1, 2008)
 Federation of Bar Associations urges government and companies to give redress to Red Purge victims (October 28, 2008)
 Public service employee fined for distributing JCP fliers (September 20, 2008)
 JCP calls for introduction of ‘lay judge system’ to be delayed (August 8, 2008)
 10,000 people attend meeting for better childcare system  (August 3, 2008 )
 Prosecutors drop case of JCP assembly member’s flyer distribution (July 18, 2008)
 Rally held to protect freedom of right to distribute flyers (July 10, 2008)
 Ainu policy must be drastically reviewed to meet new Diet resolution [Editorial] (June 16, 2008)
 Diet adopts resolution calling for Ainu to be recognized as indigenous people (June 7, 2008)
 Top court grants children born to non-Japanese mothers Japanese citizenship (June 5, 2008)
 Ainu rights advocates hold rally demanding recognition as indigenous people (May 23, 2008)
 Supreme Court restricts freedom of expression (April 12, 2008)
 Journalists protest against pressure to ban documentary film (April 11, 2008)
 More people say 'no' to constitutional revision than 'yes' (April 9, 2008)
 Constitutional revision advocates taking offensive on two fronts (April 7, 2008)
 Stop the illegal SDF surveillance of the public [Editorial] (March 17, 2008)
 Supreme Court dismisses appeal to clear five in ‘Yokohama Incident’ (March 15, 2008)
 More than half of Tosashimizu City population have signed call for defense of Article 9 (March 14, 2008)
 High Court dismisses elementary school teachers’ appeal over hoisting Hinomaru flag (March 12, 2008)
 ‘Article 9 Association’ holds a speech assembly (March 9, 2008)
 Tokyo High Court abandons responsibility for protecting freedom of speech: JCP (December 12, 2007)
 Fingerprinting of foreign visitors infringes on human rights (November 21, 2007)
 Korean residents hold rally calling for local suffrage for permanent foreign residents (November 8, 2007)
  ‘Article 9 Association’ to hold its second national exchange meeting in November (October 19, 2007)
 Lawsuit filed against SDF monitoring of the public (October 6, 2007)
 High court reverses lower court ruling disfranchising a JCP member (September 8, 2007)
 Citizens hold a rally to eliminate poverty (August 27, 2007)
 Mothers’ Conference calls for Constitution to be defended (August 26 & 27, 2007)
 Keidanren chair supports Abe’s plan to highlight constitutional revision policy in Upper House election (May 24, 2007)
 Changing constitutional interpretations will lead Japan to wars[Editorial] (May 20, 2007)
 3,200 people rally calling for defense of Constitution (May 17, 2007)
 Constitutional revision procedure bill forcibly enacted (May 15, 2007)
 Kakushinkon general meeting calls for blocking constitutional revision and improving living conditions ( May 13, 2007)
 Majority of local town residents signed petition in defense of Article 9: First municipality in Yamagata Pref. (May 13, 2007)
 LDP and Komei force through constitutional revision procedural bill through Upper House committee (May 12, 2007)
 Shii criticizes ruling parties for ignoring public (May 12, 2007)
 Ruling parties only listening to prime minister: How constitutional revision procedure bill passed (May 12, 2007)
 On Abe’s dangerous move towards constitutional revision: JCP Shii on Constitutional Day (May 4, 2007)
 Constitutional revision procedure bill is in a mess: JCP Shii (April 27, 2007)
 Cabinet establishes advisory council to pave the way for exercising collective self-defense right (April 26, 2007)
 At public hearings speakers call for careful discussion on constitutional revision procedure bill (April 25, 2007)

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