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List of Past issues

 Temp agency’s business suspension causes day laborers to lose jobs without compensation (August 18, 2007)
 Nichia breaks promise with union to end illegal labor practice (August 17, 2007)
 Panel proposal for minimum wage increase is far from meeting the needs of workers (August 9 and 11, 2007)
 Temp agency Fullcast ordered to suspend business (August 4, 2007)
 Productivity increases but wages decrease (August 4, 2007)
 Zenroren holds General Council meeting (August 3, 2007)
 Zenroren unions press Labor Ministry to raise minimum wage to more than 1,000 yen ( August 1, 2007)
 Unionized non-regular workers win victory in labor tribunal (July 25, 2007)
 Labor Bureau-run employment seminars give guidance in violation of workers’ rights (June 27, 2007)
 Tunnel workers formally settle with the state (June 21, 2007)
 'Life-risking lawsuits' (June 20, 2007)
 Tunnel workers agree with government to settle lawsuits over work-related lung disease (June 19, 2007)
 Tunnel workers’ court struggle has forced the government to take measures to prevent lung damage[Editorial] (June 15, 2007)
 JCP Takahashi calls for establishment of national minimum wage system with hourly wage of 1,000 yen ( June 9, 2007)
 Toyota subcontractors paid Vietnamese trainees much less than minimum wage (June 1, 2007)
 Non-regular workers account for record-high 33.7% of labor force (May 30, 2007)
 Popular stage performers form labor union to fight wage cuts (May 29, 2007)
 Government panel calls for drastically relaxing working rules (May 22, 2007)
 May Day rallies take place at 369 locations across Japan (May 2, 2007)
 JCP May Day slogans (April 27, 2007)
 JCP Dietmember calls on government to put end to employers’ unfair use of foreign ‘trainees’ (April 21, 2007)
 Part-timers bill passed through Lower House (April 20, 2007)
 JMIU calls for establishment of foreign workers’ right to work (April 17, 2007)
 Labor Ministry uses staffing agency while instructing it to end illegal practices (April 11, 2007)
 Court orders major insurer to cancel its plan to abolish field salesperson system (March 27, 2007)
 Child-rearing flight attendants win suit against JAL’s pay cuts (March 27, 2007)
 Vietnamese ‘trainees’ call for unpaid wages to be paid (March 17, 2007)
 JCP publishes 3-pillar urgent proposal for decent work rules (March 16, 2007)
 Unions in Spring Struggle obtain wage raise from major manufacturers for the second consecutive year (March 15, 2007)
 Abe Cabinet approves 3 labor-related bills (March 14, 2007)
 Even with 16-hour work days, dump truck drivers earn less than minimum wage level (March 13, 2007)
 Workers converge for victory in Spring Struggle (March 7, 2007)
 Union established at Livedoor Co. (March 3, 2007)
 Labor ministry to instruct firms using ‘disguised contract workers’ to directly employ them (February 28, 2007)
 Child-rearing cabin attendants request labor ministry to instruct JAL to stop pay cuts (February 27, 2007)
 Young workers call for eradication of unpaid overtime work (February 25, 2007)
 Temp childcare workers become directly employed by municipal government (February 23, 2007)
 Workers’ actions take place around Japan for reducing poverty and social disparities (February 22, 2007)
 One-third of major firms have workers working more than 100 hours of overtime per month (February 21, 2007)
 Isuzu workers request labor ministry to instruct Isuzu to offer stable long-term jobs (February 20, 2007)
 National exchange meeting held to eradicate large corporations’ illegal labor practices (February 18, 2007)
 Zenroren calls on migrant workers to join in unions to establish human rights (February 17, 2007)
 JCP Koike urges labor minister to instruct Isuzu Motors to stop dirty tactics in using temps (February 16, 2007)
 Workers, subcontractors, and air pollution victims protest against Toyota (February 14, 2007)
 Zenkyo Convention calls for prevention of constitutional adverse revision (February 11, 12, 14, 2007)
 Animation workers seek better working conditions (January 5, 2008)
 Zenroren: substantial minimum wage increase needed to restore disaster victims’ lives (July 28 & 29, 2011)
 Izakaya restaurant chain worker’s suicide recognized as work-related (February 23 & 24, 2012)
 Zenroren holds 26th Convention (July 30&31, 2012)
 Working women share experiences at annual national rally (October 26-27, 2008)

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