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 Unionized postal workers rally to demand substantial wage hikes and equal treatment for non-regular workers (March 4, 2023)
 148K signatures submitted calling for nationwide across-the-board minimum wage system (March 3, 2023)
 JMITU union formed at Google Japan (March 2, 2023)
 Zenroren agrees with small business association to cooperate in wage hikes and SME support (February 16, 2023)
 2023 spring wage offensive seeks to win substantial wage hikes to cope with inflation[Editorial] (January 29, 2023)
 Zenroren calls for winning substantial wage hikes through strikes (January 21, 2023)
 Zenroren: Keidanren should fulfill its social responsibility by offering pay hikes to counter rise in inflation (January 18 & 19, 2023)
 Zenroren in this year’s labor offensive seeks to win shorter working hours for all workers (January 12, 2023)
 Zenroren demands that regional minimum wages be increased again to catch up with rising prices (December 22, 2022)
 Like Germany and France, Japan needs to increase minimum hourly wage to cope with cost-of-living crisis (December 16, 2022)
 Unfairly dismissed contract lecturer wins reinstatement to former position (December 15, 2022)
 Hospitals using two-shift work system increases to record high: union survey (December 8, 2022)
 All parties in meeting with Zenroren discussing minimum wages call for nationally-uniform system (November 29, 2022)
 Zenroren women’s section holds workshop for protection of women’s rights based on international labor standards (November 22, 2022)
 JCP demands that gov't prevent mass layoffs of part-time researchers at national research institutes (November 15, 2022)
 Part-time workers at sushi chain 'Sushiro' win better treatment (October 28, 2022)
 Transport workers’ union resolves to achieve better working conditions and improve public transit system for users (October 19 & 20, 2022)
 Contrary to world trend, average annual income in Japan decreases by \270K (October 12, 2022)
 Let us make best use of mandatory disclosure program to narrow gender gap in wages[Editorial] (September 25, 2022)
 District court rules Hirakata City mayor’s move to remove union office from city-owned facility as unfair labor practice (September 8, 2022)
 About 60% of fixed-term contract workers in municipalities work under ‘working poor’ conditions: Union survey (September 6, 2022)
 Will gov’t move to revise foreign trainee system lead to end of existing human rights violations? (September 4, 2022)
 JCP Dietmembers make inspection visit to RIKEN BDR over massive layoffs of non-regular researchers (August 26, 2022)
 Labor Ministry panel’s minimum wage hike proposal insufficient to ease price surge-caused hardship  (August 3, 2022)
 JAL unions and JAL management sign agreement to work toward settlement of unfair dismissals (July 30, 2022)
 Zenroren ends its Convention after adopting gender equality declaration (July 28, 2022)
 Zenroren holds its convention with focus on gender equality (July 28, 2022)
 Medical workers’ union in its annual convention calls for politics that protect people’s lives and the Constitution (July 20-22, 2022)
 Scientific journal Nature covers Tamura’s Diet efforts to protect non-regular researchers from massive dismissal (July 22, 2022)
 Zenroren activists rally to push Labor Ministry’s council to increase minimum hourly wage to 1,500 yen (July 20, 2022)
 Zenroren survey proves unions’ demand for minimum hourly wage increase to 1,500 yen has legitimacy (June 25, 2022)
 Union asks JCP’s cooperation in efforts to win regular positions for non-regular workers in government sector (May 28, 2022)
 4,500 non-regular researchers at national universities and research institutes may face dismissals (May 18, 2022)
 Zenroren holds rally to increase efforts to achieve higher wages for all care workers (May 13, 2022)
 Workers in 2022 May Day rally: Protect people’s livelihoods during price surge! (May 2, 2022)
 As demanded by union/JCP, unemployment benefit program will assist pandemic-induced loss of employment (April 22, 2022)
 Lawyers set up network to support struggle of shift workers against unfair treatment (April 13-15, 2022)
 JCP Tamura urges gov’t to instruct RIKEN to withdraw planned dismissal of 600 researchers (March 29, 2022)
 Layoffs of 600 RIKEN researchers may engender 60 leading innovative studies (March 26, 2022)
 Unions stage day of action for a substantial wage hike (March 11, 2022)
 JCP Takahashi calls for ensuring 11-hour rest period for drivers (March 8, 2022)
 Osaka mayor vows not to repeat violations of labor union law (February 27, 2022)
 Measures to protect gig workers’ labor rights needed[Editorial] (February 21, 2022)
 Zenroren holds rally to demand application of labor protection measures to freelance workers (February 17, 2022)
 Teachers at English language school form union (February 9, 2022)
 Zenroren: Pushed by public criticism, business circle admits to need to use internal reserves (January 26, 2022)
 Ex-KLM Japanese CAs win nullification of their dismissals (January 18, 2022)
 Minimum hourly wage hike to 1,500 yen would increase Japan’s GDP by 22.5 trillion yen: Labor think tank (January 15, 2022)
 Labor unions declare the start of this year's 'shunto' wage-bargaining negotiations (January 14, 2022)
 Court judgement nullifying NEC subsidiary worker’s dismissal finalized (January 12, 2022)

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