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 Koike: Abe acts as if Japan has healthy economy (May 21, 2019)
 Gov’t admission of ‘worsening’ economy adds yet another reason to oppose planned consumption tax hike[Editorial] (May 14, 2019)
 Half of small businesses fear possibility of sales slump due to consumption tax hike (May 11, 2019)
 Latest Japan-US Summit signals 'US 1st' bilateral trade deal[Editorial] (April 28, 2019)
 Abe’s submissive stance in trade talks with US will lead Japan into economic ruin[Editorial] (April 19, 2019)
 BOJ buys ETFs in the same amount as sell-offs by foreign investors as way to bolster Japanese stock prices (April 12, 2019)
 JCP Daimon: Proper international taxation on GAFA needed (April 10, 2019)
 Abe regime supports increases in food prices before implementation of consumption tax hike (March 29, 2019)
 Enactment of local ordinance to revive Seed Act expanding nationwide (March 8, 2019)
 Abe silent on fact that the amount of Japan’s food imports is 10 times larger than food exports (February 28, 2019)
 Japan’s public pension fund records largest-ever loss of 15 trillion yen under Abenomics (February 2, 2019)
 BOJ shoulders huge amount of Japanese government bonds (December 26, 2018)
 Benefits of pro-business ‘Abenomics’ don’t trickle down (December 13, 2018)
 Japan to give up export of nuclear power plant to Turkey (December 5, 2018)
 JCP Kasai opposes bill to approve Japan-EU EPA (November 21, 2018)
 170,000 signatures calling for new seed act submitted to Diet (November 14, 2018)
 Coastal fishermen in forum oppose Abe’s intent to adversely revise Fishery Act (November 6, 2018)
 Abe gov't refers to new trade talks with US as TAG, not FTA (October 12 & Akahata Sunday edition Octo)
 Amazon's tax evasion tactics create unfair competition (September 6, 2018)
 1st round of FFR trade talks ends, Japan should rebuff unfair demands from US[Editorial] (August 14, 2018)
 Japan signs EPA with EU amid farmers’ opposition (July 18, 2018)
 Sustainable economic development impossible in a society with huge inequality (July 13, 2018)
 Over 530 company executives earn more than 100 million yen in 2017: Akahata survey (July 1, 2018)
 Opposition force requests postponement of caps on bluefin catch (June 27, 2018)
 Coastal fishermen protest against unfair bluefin tuna caps (June 26, 2018)
 Trump’s trade policy causes confusion at G7 summit [Editorial] (June 15, 2018)
 JCP Inoue: Ratification of TPP11 will lead to further trade pressure from US (June 13, 2018)
 Freelance-work industry will expand unstable jobs, threatening people's safety (May 30, 2018)
 Abe gov’t creates system to encourage corporations to use government-held personal data (May 29, 2018)
 Japan is testing ground for multinationals: PM Abe (May 23&25, 2018)
 Diet approval of bill for ratification of TPP11 forcibly passed in Lower House (May 19, 2018)
 GDP decline at annualized 0.6% highlights failure of ‘Abenomics’ (May 17, 2018)
 Corporate taxes paid by Amazon Japan were 1/30 of that of Japan's major retailers (May 14, 2018)
 Abe accepts Trump’s demand for trade talks leading to FTA (April 20, 2018)
 6 opposition parties jointly submit bill to revive seed act (April 20, 2018)
 JCP Kami: Japan should refuse negotiations for Japan-US FTA (April 13, 2018)
 Consumers and farmers: Japan should not ratify TPP11! (March 10, 2018)
 JCP Dietmember questions creation of tourist tax of \1000 per departure (March 4, 2018)
 Taxpayers: Tax agency head who gives false testimony in Diet should be ousted! (February 17, 2018)
 Gov’t attempt to continue ‘different dimension’ easy money policy will trap Japanese economy in hell (February 17, 2018)
 Drop in income gives rise to Engel's coefficient (January 19, 2018)
 Apple avoids paying 1.2 trillion yen in tax in Japan (December 27, 2017)
 Nearly 5-years and Abenomics far from effecting Japan's 'economic recovery'[Editorial] (December 18, 2017)
 Stagnant in main business, 3 megabanks will lay off 30,000 bank employees (November 17, 2017)
 Abenomics actually manipulation of stock market  (October 19, 2017)
 Large corporations’ internal reserves exceed 400 trillion yen while workers’ wages remain stagnant (September 2, 2017)
 Hollowing out of domestic SMEs accelerated (August 2, 2017)
 Hokkaido JCP urges gov’t to cancel basic agreement of Japan-EU EPA (July 29, 2017)
 BOJ’s decision to delay reaching 2% inflation target confirms failure of Abenomics[Editorial] (July 22, 2017)
 Record-high number of executives receives over 100 million yen in annual wage (July 15, 2017)

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