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2010 November 10 - 16 [TERRITORIAL ISSUE]

Shii gives gov’t suggestion to solve Japan-Russia territorial issue

November 10, 2010
Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo on November 9 met with Chief Cabinet Secretary Sengoku Yoshito at the Diet building and demanded that the government drastically reconsider its policy on the Japan-Russia territorial issue and move toward achieving a resolution.

He also gave Sengoku a written proposal to be forwarded to Prime Minister Kan Naoto.

In the meeting, Shii pointed out that Stalin’s violation of the postwar “territorial non-expansion” principle lies behind the Japan-Russia territorial issue.

Shii also pointed out, “Another fundamental cause of controversy was that Japan under Article 2, Clause C of the 1951 San Francisco Peace Treaty renounced its claim to the Chishima Islands.”

Most of the problems brought about by Stalin’s territorial expansionism, such as the annexation of Poland and three Baltic states, have been resolved, but the Chishima Islands issue is still left unresolved, he said.

Shii stated, “Now that your party, the Democratic Party of Japan, took over the reins of power from the previously ruling Liberal Democratic Party, you should change the conventional approach regarding the issue that the successive LDP governments took on territorial talks with Russia.”

Sengoku said, “Stalin’s act is just as you have pointed out; I also believe that Stalin trampled on the postwar ‘territorial non-expansion’ principle.”

However, he went on to say, “I find it difficult to reverse the San Francisco Treaty because it represents the starting point for postwar Japan.”

Shii in reply stated, “I’m not saying that you must scrap the treaty in its entirety, but that you should review Article 2, Clause C. In fact, Okinawa was returned to Japan even though Japan under the Treaty’s Article 3 had handed the administrative rights over Okinawa to the United States. So, it is not something that you cannot change.”

Sengoku replied, “Yes, I will read and study your written proposal carefully.”
- Akahata, November 10, 2010
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