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2018 July 25 - 31 [SDF]

Bullying at Defense Academy reflects SDF's 'order and obedience' concept

July 25, 2018

Assault, bullying, and sexual harassment by upperclass students of underclass students have been rampant at the National Defense Academy (2,010 students) which trains officer candidates of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces.

An average of five students have been disciplined for such offenses each month, according to the Academy's internal documents which was made public recently.

The documents show that over the past decade, a total of 1,136 students have been accused of "violation of service discipline", and 550 of them received disciplinary punishment. Of the 550, 135 or about 40% were criminal cases including secret videoing, assault, inflicting bodily injury, theft, embezzlement, obscenity, and rapes.

The list attached to the documents gives actual examples:

- Vacuum victimized students' penises;
- Force them to videotape their own sexual acts at a sex club;
- Burn their pubic hair;
- Coerce them to chug-a-lug chili oil;
- Give them black shoe cream-laced food;
- Force them to do pushups naked and post the footage on social media;
- Spray them with boiling water; and
- Force them to put hot water directly into their mouths from an electric pot.

The National Defense Academy is a boarding school where seniors give "advice" to juniors regarding daily living, just like SDF's "order and obedience" concept. The order and obedience approach in the SDF has been reflected in the Academy as well, accelerating antisocial acts by senior students.

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