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2018 October 3 - 9 [LABOR]

Zenroren takes to streets in solidarity with global action for higher minimum wages

October 3, 2018
The National Confederation of Trade Unions (Zenroren) and the People's Spring Struggle Joint Committee on October 2 took to the streets near Shibuya Station in Tokyo to win public support for their demand for a drastic increase in minimum wages. This action took place in solidarity with the global action against poverty wages.

Using a microphone, Zenroren Secretary General Nomura Yukihiro said to passersby that Tokyo's minimum hourly wage is set at 985 yen, adding that even if a worker works 2,000 hours a year at this wage level, he/she cannot earn an annual income of two million yen. Nomura stressed that it is necessary to raise the minimum wage to at least 1,500 yen and called on passersby for their support of union efforts to realize a 1,500-yen hike.

Kakehashi Toshiaki, secretary general of the Federation of Cinema and Theatrical Workers Union of Japan, pointed out that the gap in regional minimum wages is growing, which is a serious problem. He emphasized the need for an across-the-board minimum wage system.

Harada Niki, a member of AEQUITAS, a youth organization working for decent wages, said that he often hears young people saying that with an hourly minimum wage of 1,500 yen, they would be able to spend less time working part-time jobs and more time in school as well as taking time to go to hospital without financial anxiety. He underscored the importance of achieving the goal of an hourly wage of 1,500 yen in order to create a society where young people can live a decent life.

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