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2019 June 26 - July 2 [ECONOMY]

JCP exchanges views on its policies regarding agriculture, forestry, and fisheries with concerned organizations

June 28, 2019
Japanese Communist Party Upper House member Kami Tomoko, who also heads the JCP Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Bureau, on June 27 visited major national organizations in the agriculture, forestry, and fisheries industries to exchange views on the party’s policy in these fields.

In a meeting with the Japan Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives (JF Zengyoren), Miura Hideki, a senior director of JF Zengyoren, explained that coastal fishermen, who harvest various species of fish, carry out a consensus-based fisheries resources management. The Zengyoren executive added that when a marine accident occurs, local fishermen play a major role in research and rescue activities.

Kami introduced a JCP election campaign poster with the slogan, “Let’s realize a national fisheries policy based on local fishermen’s demands!” Kami expressed her determination to work hard to achieve a major JCP advance in the coming election in order to push the government to draw up a fisheries policy reflecting coastal fishing operators’ demands.

In a meeting at the National Chamber of Agriculture head office, Kami discussed with executives of the chamber ways to protect farmlands in hilly and mountainous areas. Explaining the JCP view, Kami stressed the need to establish a policy which pays attention to the characteristics of mountain and hill farming.

Kami also visited the National Federation of Forest Owners' Co-operative Associations (JForest Zenmoriren). In the meeting, a JForest executive talked about the importance of replanting logged areas.

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