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2019 July 3 - 9 TOP3 [JCP]

Tokyo University foreign students visit JCP head office

July 8, 2019

A group of 18 Japanese and foreign students who are enrolled in a summer program at the University of Tokyo, "An Inquiry into Japan's Postwar", visited the Japanese Communist Party head office on July 5.

Accompanied by Associate Professor Zhong Yijiang of the university's Institute of Advanced Studies on Asia, the students from Japan, the U.S., China, Russia, Greece, Denmark, Vietnam, and Mexico were interested in hearing about the JCP history and Party Program as well as the recent extensive cooperation among opposition parties. In addition to the reference library and the cafeteria in the JCP head office building, they were shown the Akahata editorial offices.

The visitors asked questions and exchanged opinions with JCP international committee staff members. The questions included: What kind of foreign relations the JCP envisions to form after the abrogation of the Japan-U.S. alliance? How does the JCP appeal to young voters who seem to have little interest in politics?

Several students noted the high proportion of female legislators to the total number of JCP legislators. One student said that the JCP Program and policy proposals are impressive.

* * *

Some Tokai High School students came to Tokyo from Nagoya City in June to visit JCP Vice Chair Tamura Tomoko in her office in the House of Councilors members' office building. They asked Tamura questions regarding the JCP.

A high school junior said, "Honestly, I wasn't interested in the JCP. My impression was that it is a radical party. Tamura sincerely responded to our critical questions and her remarks were very convincing. I enjoyed our meeting with Tamura."

A high school student who later read the JCP Program said to an Akahata reporter, "As I'm uneasy about the present state of Japan-U.S. relations. I'm impressed by the JCP stance because it boldly breaks taboos such as talking about the abrogation of the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty."

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