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2019 August 14 - 20 [LABOR]

Labor dispute over Nissan dismissals of 5 contingent workers fully settled

August 20, 2019
The JMITU Kanagawa branch on August 19 reached an out-of-court settlement in a labor dispute with Nissan Motor and Nissan Shatai in regard to the dismissals of five contingent workers who are JMITU members, putting a final end to the dispute.

Following the settlement mediated by the Central Labor Relations Commission, the lawyer representing the plaintiffs, Tai Masaru, held a press conference and said, "They rose up to fight against Nissan's unfair labor practices while many non-regular workers were being dismissed. Their struggle brought attention to problems faced by contingent workers as a whole. The total resolution this time is highly significant." Kamakura Takeshi, 42, who was a former fixed-term contract worker at Nissan Shatai, said, "I now feel relieved. It was physically, emotionally, and financially difficult to endure."

Japanese Communist Party member of the House of Representatives Hatano Kimie visited the central labor law enforcement office and expressed appreciation for their tenacious efforts.

At a rally after the settlement, a woman who had been a dispatched worker at Nissan Motor shed tears and said, "I'm very glad that all five of us crossed the finish line in our decade-long struggle and that we are still standing together."

The JMITU Kanagawa branch in January 2016 filed a claim for relief with the Kanagawa prefectural Labor Relations Commission because Nissan Motor and Nissan Shatai continued to act in bad faith and refuse to hold talks with the union. The local labor law enforcement authority in February 2018 judged in favor of the workers but recognized Nissan Motor as an employer of two workers only. Both labor and management challenged this decision and the Central Labor Relations Commission reviewed the case and mediated further negotiations.

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