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2019 September 11 - 17 [JCP]

JCP will hold 28th Congress in January 2020

September 16, 2019
The Japanese Communist Party Central Committee held its 7th Plenum at the JCP head office on September 15 and decided to convene the party Congress in January 2020.

At the CC Plenum, a resolution calling for an increase in efforts to build a stronger party in order to make a resounding success of the 28th Congress was unanimously adopted. Concurrently, the objective of recovering the number of JCP members and Akahata subscribers to the level when the previous party Congress took place in 2017 was adopted.

JCP Chair Shii Kazuo pointed out that the agreement between the Socialist Party of Japan (dissolved) and Komei in 1980 had contributed to building an anti-communist barrier and this had been the biggest factor in a long-lasting slowdown in the JCP advance. Shii said that the JCP in the 1960s and 1970s, though on a limited scale, played an important role in the united front of the reformist force but the 1980 SPJ-Komei deal stemmed the party's electoral and popular advance.

Shii, however, said that the anti-communist barrier is now collapsing, and that a new era of an opposition alliance has begun. He added that the JCP has made new friends, new ties, and built new circles with various strata of people. He stressed that the party's relations with the general public are improving dramatically.

The JCP recently made a proposition to opposition party leaders to hold party leaders' meetings in regard to negotiations on the formation of a coalition government of opposition parties. Shii already met with the "Reiwa Shinsengumi" head.

Shii said, "Honestly speaking, our party is facing a crisis in terms of increasing the JCP membership and of passing our baton on to the next generations," and concluded, "Let's do our best to enhance the party's strength so that we can increase the party's momentum to move forward!"
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