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2019 November 20 - 26 TOP3 [JCP]

JCP repeatedly demands immediate end to Hong Kong crackdown on demonstrators

November 24, 2019

In Hong Kong local elections held on November 24, pro-democracy candidates won more than 80% of the total seats, achieving a historic victory by overwhelmingly defeating pro-China parties. During the past few months, the Japanese Communist Party in its statements or comments has kept demanding an end to the violent crackdown on civilian Hong Kong demonstrators.

When a high school student demonstrator was shot and gravely injured by Hong Kong police on October 1, JCP Chair Shii Kazuo posted this comment on Twitter, "The situation is extremely serious. I am strongly opposed to the use of real bullets to respond to citizens' protests."

On October 15, Shii met with Chinese Ambassador to Japan Kong Xuanyou and criticized the Chinese government for calling peaceful Hong Kong rallies "organized riots" and continuing to give endorsement to the Hong Kong government's suppressive measures.

On November 14 with the situation getting worse and worse, Shii published a statement in which he pointed out, "The increase of suppression by the Hong Kong authorities has been carried out with the approval and guidance of China's highest leaders." He criticized the Chinese government's reaction and measures for being "incompatible with a socialism that respects democracy and human rights above all," Shii in the statement demanded that the Chinese leadership "cease violent suppressions of the anti-government protests immediately".

This statement was conveyed to China later in the day through the Chinese Embassy in Tokyo. Also, a JCP envoy on November 18 visited the embassy and again demanded that the JCP views be conveyed to the Chinese government and the Communist Party of China leadership.

The Chinese authorities label citizens' protests as "organized riots" in order to justify the ongoing police crackdown in Hong Kong. However, the JCP strongly opposes use of force on protesters by police and the Hong Kong government with the permitted use of lethal firearms. At the same time, the JCP considers it important for protesters to strictly refrain from acts of violence and choose peaceful means to express their opinions.

The JCP will partially revise its Program in the party's convention early next year. The JCP in the present Program sees China as a country which is "beginning a new quest for socialism". This description, however, will be deleted from the revised Program.

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