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2020 June 24 - 30 [SOCIAL ISSUES]

Coronavirus crisis highlights need for agriculture based on harmonized human-nature relationship

June 25, 2020

The new coronavirus crisis has sounded a serious alarm about the world’s food and agriculture systems which put priority on short-term efficiency and promote large-scale, industrialized farming and international trade of agricultural products.

Large-scale farming and cost-cutting competition have destroyed natural environments, led to the frequent occurrence of disasters, and threatened ecosystems. The agribusiness model of capital-intensive farming has closed the distance between wild animals and humans, disturbed natural ecosystems, and become an important factor behind the spread of virus infections like the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

In addition, agriculture policies prioritizing efficiency in profit-making based on neoliberalism in both developed and developing countries have forced a large number of small- and medium-scale family farmers out of business, decimated rural communities, and brought about the concentration of populations in urban areas. It has also been pointed out that this population flow has created the backdrop for the explosive spread of COVID-19 in slum areas in large cities which are extremely crowded urban environments.

It is growingly evident that the current system favoring agribusiness over family farming poses a threat to the sustainability of human society. The UN last year launched its campaign, “Decade of Family Farming” calling on nations to support small- and medium-scale family farmers as they play an essential role in creating and maintain a sustainable environment. The coronavirus crisis has highlighted the importance of the UN initiative. The urgent need now is for governments worldwide to shift to food and agriculture policies which basically promote coexistence of humans with natural environments and the maintenance of small- and medium-scale family farmers.

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