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2020 November 4 - 10 [SOCIAL ISSUES]

LDP rejects over 130K signatures demanding resignation of LDP lawmaker who insulted rape victims

November 4, 2020

Akahata learned on November 3 that the Liberal Democratic Party refused to accept a petition with 136,400 signatures demanding the resignation of an LDP Dietmember who insulted sexual violence victims. The LDP sent the parcel back to the sender.

The sender is writer Kitahara Minori who organized the “Flower Demonstration” to promote the elimination of sexual violence. The 136,4000-signature petition protests LDP member of the House of Representatives Sugita Mio’s remark that it is easy for women to make up fake stories about sexual abuse and urges Sugita to resign from office. Sugita made this remark in a meeting held by the LDP in September to discuss measures to support sexual assault survivors.

Kitahara on October 13 visited the LDP head office to submit the signatures, but she was barred from entering the premises. On October 23, she sent the signatures to the LDP through a parcel delivery service, only to find them being returned to her a week later with a slip saying that the receiver had declined to accept deliverly.

Kitahara said, “I’m surprised at the LDP’s refusal to even listen to critical opinions. Sexual violence survivors were terribly offended by Sugita’s remark. LDP lawmakers should come to ‘Flower Demonstration’ sites and listen to what the victims are saying.”

The petition demands that LDP President Suga Yoshihide and LDP Secretary General Nikai Toshihiro give Sugita not just an oral reprimand but an appropriate punishment and stop giving its election tickets to persons who repeatedly make remarks trampling on human rights.

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