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2020 December 2 - 8 [JCP]

Why does JCP refuse to accept tax-funded political subsidy?

December 7, 2020

The Japanese Communist Party funds itself through ties with the general public in order to stand firm in realizing people-oriented policies, accepting neither government subsidies to political parties nor political donations from businesses and vested interest groups. The JCP secures funds mainly from party dues, newspaper "Akahata" subscriptions, and individual donations.

According to the JCP political funds report in fiscal 2019, revenues from Akahata subscriptions and the publication of books accounted for 86% of total income, and from party dues and donations by individual citizens 6%.

The system of party subsidies forces people to donate 250 yen each every year, which corresponds to about 32 billion yen, to political parties irrespective of which party the people support. The JCP considers that this is a violation of "the right to freedom of thought" guaranteed under the Constitution.

The JCP also considers that political donations from businesses and vested interest groups create a hotbed of political corruption. Are there any companies making monetary donations to political parties without expecting anything return? Moneyed influence from large corporations only distorts politics.

The ruling Liberal Democratic Party relies on public funds for 72% of its annual income and on corporate/organizational donations for another 10%. Former LDP Dietmembers Kawai Katsuyuki and his wife Anri (both left the LDP) allegedly bought votes on a massive scale with the use of the tax-funded political subsidy.

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