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2021 September 15 - 21 [JCP]

Stopping use of disinformation to attack JCP is vital in protecting Japan’s democracy

September 16, 2021
Akahata editorial (excerpts)

The Chief Cabinet Secretary of the Suga government, Kato Katsunobu, on September 14 delivered an unjust attack on the Japanese Communist Party with the use of the lie that the party maintains a “violent revolution” policy. It is unacceptable for the person who serves as the linchpin of the Suga Cabinet to make such a remark amid growing criticism over another unjust attack on the JCP by TBS news show commentator Yashiro Hideki last week. The JCP has never advocated “violent revolution” as its official policy. Making such inflammatory remarks that distort the truth is unforgivable.

Kato said, “The government claims that there is no change in the JCP policy of violent revolution based on the so-called concept of ‘attitude of enemies’ which calls for vigilance against violence that the enemy might use to crush the democratic movement.” However, this is totally false.

The JCP at one time in the past used the phrase “attitude of enemies” when explaining embarking on a road towards social change, but the concept was to clarify the JCP’s firm position of pursuing a transformation of society in a peaceful and legal manner under any circumstances.

The JCP, in 2004 when revising the Party Program, decided not to use the phrase “attitude of enemies”. The reason is that due to the use of this expression, the concept might be abused to incite anti-JCP propaganda claiming that the party may make a choice between peaceful and non-peaceful means to advance in accordance with “attitude of enemies”. The JCP Central Committee in its Plenum held on September 8 unanimously decided on abandoning the “attitude of enemies” expression. Kato’s remark ignores these facts and thus is totally unacceptable.

False claims made by Kato and Yashiro are facing fierce criticism from a wide range of citizens, experts in various fields, and constitutional opposition lawmakers. Newsweek Japan in its latest issue carried a column entitled, “Anti-communist ideology will undermine Japan’s politics”. In order to protect democracy and recover Japanese politics, it is vital to put a stop to the use of disinformation and lies about the JCP.

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