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2021 October 27 - November 2 [JCP]

JCP puts up good fight but losses 2 seats to maintain 10

November 2, 2021

In the October 31 general election, the Japanese Communist Party maintained a seat in the Okinawa No.1 single-seat district but reduced its seats from eleven to nine seats in proportional representation blocs, resulting in ten seats from the pre-election strength of twelve.

The party obtained 4.16 million votes (7.26% of total vote cast) by proportional representation, down 240,000 votes (7.90%) from the previous election four years ago.

Opposition parties, including the JCP, fielded a united candidate in 214 of 289 single-seat constituencies. In 62 of the 214 electoral districts, an opposition candidate won over its rival backed by the ruling Liberal Democratic and Komei parties. Digitalization Minister Hirai Takuya in the Kagawa No.1 district, LDP Secretary-General Amari Akita in the Kanagawa No.13 districts, and former LDP Secretary-General Ishihara Nobuteru in the Tokyo No.8 district were all defeated by a united opposition candidate.

The LDP reduced its seats to 261 from its pre-election strength of 276. However, it secured an absolute majority in the Lower House. The LDP's coalition partner Komei Party increased its seats to 32 from 29. The supplementary force for the ruling parties, "Nippon Ishin no Kai" party, significantly increased its seats to 41 from eleven. The LDP, the Komei Party, and the "Ishin" party together, the three constitutional revisionist parties, secured more than 310 seats or two thirds of the House of Representatives, the number necessary to propose a motion for amendments to the Constitution.

The number of seats other opposition parties secured totals 96 for the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, eleven for the Democratic Party for the People, one for the Social Democratic Party, and three for the "Reiwa Shinsengumi" party. The voter turnout was 55.92%, the third lowest in postwar history in Japan.

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