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2021 December 1 - 7 [SOCIAL ISSUES]

No.3 reactor at Ikata NPP reactivated despite numerous problems

December 3, 2021
Shikoku Electric Power Company on December 2 reactivated the No.3 reactor at its Ikata Nuclear Power Plant (Ikata City, Ehime Prefecture) after almost two years of suspended operations.

In opposition to this move, concerned citizens holding placards reading, “Oppose the restart of the Ikata NPP!”, held a rally near the utility’s head office in Ehime’s Matsuyama City.

At the rally, Kataoka Ro, executive member of the Japanese Communist Party Ehime Prefectural Committee, delivered a speech in solidarity. He pointed out that nuclear power plants should be abolished as a nuclear accident will cause serious environmental and health problems, and said, “The JCP will work hard together with concerned citizens to realize the decommissioning of all reactors at the Ikata NPP.”

Independent member of the Ehime Prefectural Assembly Takei Takako in her speech noted that Shikoku Electric Power has no qualification to operate the nuclear facility as it fails to even comply with its own safety regulations. She expressed her determination to firmly oppose the reactivation of the No.3 reactor at the Ikata NPP.

The Ikata NPP is located on the Sata Cape Peninsula in the prefecture and 113,000 people are living within a 30-km radius area from the facility. The prefectural government evacuation plan contains a scenario in which in the event of a nuclear emergency, residents on the peninsula will be evacuated by sea to the nearby prefecture of Oita. However, as the peninsula is situated in a well-known landslide-prone area, it is doubtful whether evacuation activities will be carried out as planned if a major disaster stemming from a severe earthquake and tsunami hits the NPP.

Furthermore, the Ikata nuclear power station utilizes plutonium-thermal power generation technology using MOX fuel. In addition to safety concerns, this power generation method faces criticism as ways to dispose of spent MOX fuel have not been found.

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