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2022 January 19 - 25 [PEACE]

Pugwash Japan: Japan should sincerely face spirit of TPNW

January 19 & 24, 2022

Pugwash Japan issued a New Year message on January 17, calling on the Japanese government to sincerely face the spirit of the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) to show the world that Japan will take a new step in the effort to eliminate nuclear weapons.

Pugwash Japan, a Japanese group of the 1995 Nobel Peace Prize-laureate Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs consisting of scientists from around the world, expressed its determination to fulfill the social responsibilities of scientists and to work toward resolutions to volatile situations in the world based on the "no war, no nuclear weapons" Pugwash principle.

The message points out that the TPNW has been ratified by 59 countries so far, paying notice to the willingness of Norway and Germany, both NATO member states, to participate as observers in the 1st Conference of States Parties to the TPNW.

On the other hand, the message notes that there is an increased risk of regional conflicts and a nuclear war in the East Asia region, and that it is notable that the U.S., the U.K., and Australia seek to strengthen their military ties with the creation of "AUKUS" under the pretext of "a threat from China" and "a contingency involving Taiwan" in the Asia-Pacific region.

Under these circumstances, the Japanese government will further increase defense spending, began considering allowing itself to possess "the capability to attack enemy bases", seeks closer military ties with the U.S. and Australia, according to the message. The message points out that this move is giving added impetus to discussions on constitutional amendments so that a new constitutional clause will stipulate the legitimacy of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces.

The message warns, "Just a single misstep could make Asia a place of armed conflict and Japan could turn out to be at the frontline. It is crystal-clear that what the Japanese government intends will only help heighten regional tensions."

The message stresses, "The Japanese government should develop diplomacy by non-military means in compliance with the Japanese Constitution which renounces war forever and stipulates non-possession of war potential. It should not ever adopt a foreign policy with the use of force to settle international conflicts."

The message demands that Japan, in today's world with the TPNW, join in the 1st TPNW Conference of States Parties at least as an observer. It states, "Japan should show the world its role as 'a bridge between nuclear haves and have-nots ' in a visible manner in order to achieve nuclear disarmament and to ensure global security without dependence on nuclear deterrence based on Article 6 of the NPT."
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