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2010 August 4 - 10 [ANTI-N-ARMS]

Further effort for nuclear weapons-free world determined in Nagasaki

August 10, 2010
About 2,000 participants to the 2010 World Conference against A & H Bombs-Nagasaki on August 9 pledged to further strengthen grass-roots efforts to make Nagasaki the last atomic-bombed city and achieve a world without nuclear weapons.

The event, held as the last program of this year’s World Conference which opened in Hiroshima on August 2, adopted a letter to the world’s governments calling on them to start international negotiations for a total ban on nuclear weapons.

It also proposed actions to urge the Japanese government to get out from under the “nuclear umbrella” as well as to inform the whole world the horrors caused by the A-bombing.

On behalf of Hibakusha, Tanaka Terumi, secretary general of the Japan Confederation of A & H Bombs Sufferers Organizations, criticized the government for maintaining its policy of nuclear deterrence and demanded that it formally legislate the Three Non-Nuclear Principles (not to possess, manufacture, or allow nuclear weapons to be brought in).

Mónica Martínez Valido, first secretary of the Cuban Embassy, and Mohamed Ezzeldine Abdel-Moneim, the special advisor on disarmament and strategic affairs of the League of Arab States, spoke as government representatives.
- Akahata, August 10, 2010
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