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2022 February 2 - 8 [SOCIAL ISSUES]

Japan with 9 additional coal-fired power plants disregards Glasgow climate pact

February 3, 2022
Japanese Communist Party representative Kasai Akira criticized the Japanese government for planning to build nine additional coal-fired power stations to be operated for the next three decades in complete disregard of the COP26 Glasgow agreement.

Kasai at a House of Representatives Budget Committee meeting on February 2 demanded that the government cancel the expansion of coal-fired power generation (CFPG).

The Glasgow Climate Pact decided at the 26th Conference of Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change late last year calls for completely phasing out CFPG by 2030.

Kasai pointed out that all G-7 countries, except for Japan, set a time limit for the CFPG abolition and that only Japan goes against the global effort to achieve a decarbonized world. He asked, "Are you really aware of the climate crisis?"

Prime Minister Kishida Fumio answered, "It's critical for humanity as a whole and is a crisis."

Kasai asked, "If so, I'm sure that you have a concrete goal. How many coal stations are you planning to shut down by 2030?"

Minister of Economy and Industry Hagiuda Koichi answered, "The government doesn't set a target."

Kasai noted that the Japan Business Federation (Keidanren) and the Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan are demanding that the government maintain and utilize CFPG at home as well as promote coal-fired power export to other countries in Asia. Responding to these demands, the government is going ahead with its policy of building new CFPG facilities and launching overseas coal power projects, according to Kasai. He emphasized that the government should stop supporting the fossil fuel industry which only pursue immediate profits.

Kasai then presented the JCP "2030 strategy" proposing a social system which uses renewables while taking energy-saving measures so that the amount of CO2 emissions will be cut by up to 60% by 2030, 2.54 million new jobs will be created, and Japan's GDP will increase by 205 trillion yen.

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