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2022 May 11 - 17 TOP3 [SOCIAL ISSUES]

JCP Kira demands law reform to eradicate power harassment and sexual harassment in entertainment industry

May 17, 2022
Japanese Communist Party member of the House of Councilors Kira Yoshiko at a meeting of the House Audit Committee on May 16 demanded that the Diet take steps to eradicate power and sexual harassment in the film and theater industries where sexual-harassment accusations have been made one after another.

Kira took up the issue of sexual violence in the movie business. She said that a revision of the Penal Code is necessary in order to criminalize sex without consent as well as acts of sexual offenses using a position of superiority such as between directors and actors.

Kira pointed out that the existing harassment prevention law obliges the introduction of a consultation system but does not cover freelance workers, noting that many workers in the creative industries are freelancers.

Kira showed the results of a questionnaire survey conducted by the Arts Workers Japan. According to the survey, about 70% of respondents answered that they have "experienced" or "witnessed" harassment and 96% said they have "never" told anyone about it. She emphasized the need to establish a third-party consultation center for workers in the entertainment industry.

Labor Minister Goto Shigeyuki said in response, "It will be necessary to work out some kind of measure."

Kira cited that in South Korea, before film shooting starts, a lecture on harassment is given to all persons concerned at government expense. She suggested that Japan employ a similar system.

In response, Labor Minister Goto just said, "That would be preferable."

Kira said, "Governments in other countries have counseling offices and subsidize costs associated with harassment prevention lectures. Japan can do this, if it thinks it is necessary," and demanded that the harassment prevention law be applied to freelance workers as well.

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