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2022 May 18 - 24 [SOCIAL ISSUES]

Youth groups ask JCP for cooperation to work to realize civil participation in state policymaking on energy

May 21, 2022

The Japanese-version of Youth Climate Conference consisting of ten Japanese youth groups handed policy proposals on climate action on May 20 to Japanese Communist Party members of the House of Councilors Yamazoe Taku, Iwabuchi Tomo, and Takeda Ryosuke.

Their proposal ranges from individual issues to a future vision which includes the strengthening of regulations on plastic containers, installation of solar-power panels on the roofs of public facilities, promotion of the construction of heat-insulating housing, citizens' participation in the government policymaking process related to energy, understanding of environmental issues in connection with basic human rights, and provision of environmental education and human resource development.

They have submitted a similar proposal to each political party and the Japan Business Federation (Keidanren).

Inanobe Umi who took part online in discussing the submission pointed out, "A structural change in state energy policy will be difficult without concerted efforts made between citizens and opposition parties."

Kamiya Miyuki asked online about ways to achieve 100% use of renewables making use of Japan's geographical conditions as well as ways to reflect the opinions of young people in formulating the nation's energy policy.

Yamazoe replied that the use of renewables can be significantly increased if combined with energy-saving efforts. He said, "Political leadership is necessary to choose the direction to take in achieving an energy-saving society with the participation of local residents, for example, when renewable energy installations are set to be established in each community.

Iwabushi said, "It is important to increase overall awareness of the need to break away from the cycle of mass production, mass consumption, and mass disposal."

Takeda said, "Deliberative democracy will be a key to promoting citizens' participation in dealing with various issues, including state energy policy. The JCP regards elections as an important opportunity to increase the number of people who are conscious of this need to change direction."

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