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2022 June 29 - July 5 [PEACE]

Kasai reports on 1st meeting of State Parties to TPNW

July 2, 2022
Japanese Communist Party member of the House of Representatives Kasai Akira, who headed a JCP delegation to the first meeting of the State Parties to the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) in Vienna in June, reported to the general public on the first TPNW meeting during his campaign speeches given in support of JCP candidates in the Upper House election.

Kasai said that the participation of 34 countries, including five military allies of the United States, in the meeting as observers drew much attention. Government representatives of the NATO member states of Germany and Norway sincerely expressed their intent to maintain constructive dialogues despite the differences in their stances toward nuclear weapons, and they received unanimous applause. Kasai said that this is what should be called a "bridge".

No Japanese government representative was in an observer seat at the meeting. Kasai said that a West African diplomat approached him to say, "Unbelievable. I thought Japan was already a TPNW signatory. Why is it that no one from the government of the only atomic-bombed country is here?"

Kasai said he answered to the diplomat, "Because Japan clings to nuclear deterrence under the U.S. 'nuclear umbrella'." Then, the diplomat gave Kasai encouragement to keep trying to press the Japanese government to join the TPNW.

Kasai said that during the meeting, he heard participants saying that what is needed is a "peace sharing" and not a "nuclear sharing" arrangement.

Prime Minister Kishida Fumio attended the NATO summit meeting in Madrid while refusing to show up at the TPNW meeting in Vienna. PM Kishida, without any Diet discussion, proclaimed in Madrid that Japan will raise its military spending to "more than 2% of GDP".

Kasai said that several lawmakers from Europe who were present at the Parliamentarians Conference, a side event of the first TPNW meeting, told him that the U.S. is pressuring NATO member states to dramatically increase their military spending to more than 2% of GDP as well. Kasai stated that these lawmakers, however, pointed out that tax revenues should be spent on healthcare, education, food, and climate control, not on military expansion. They call for what the JCP calls for, said Kasai.

Kasai stated that a change in Japanese politics is important from the viewpoint of international politics. He called on the general public to stop the Japanese government military buildup by taking the July 10 House of Councilors election as an opportunity.
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