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2022 July 13 - 19 TOP3 [JCP]

JCP Chair Shii releases statement on 100th anniversary of JCP’s founding

July 15, 2022

Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo on July 14 held a press conference in the Diet building to make a statement on the centennial anniversary of the JCP’s founding on July 15.

Shii said, "For 100 years, the JCP has braved all obstacles, no matter how big they were, to defend the public interest and to achieve peace, democracy, freedom, equality, and social progress."

He described the major characteristics of the JCP's 100 years: It has never betrayed the people under any circumstances in its efforts to pursue social progress; has been willing to reform itself based on scientific socialism; and has valued cooperation with people in order to change politics.

Shii said that JCP members during the prewar and wartime period unrelentingly fought for "popular sovereignty, no war, and peace" even at the risk of their lives, and that their efforts bore fruit in the postwar Constitution. At present, many political parties are taking advantage of Russia's invasion of Ukraine and are calling in unison for a boost in Japan's military capabilities and for amendments to Japan's pacifist Constitution. Shii said that the JCP's principled stance is essential in this situation when there are signs of a resurgence of wartime Japan-like politics.

Shii talked about the JCP's sovereign independence which had made it possible for the party to rebuff outside interference from the former Soviet Union or China. No matter which country it may be, the JCP is always opposed to hegemony. He emphasized that when acts of hegemony taken by Russia and China are brought to light, especially when it comes to the need to correct the Japanese government's subservience to the United States, efforts to oppose hegemonism are becoming increasingly important.

Shii explained that the JCP in 1961 revised its Program and adopted a policy of working on the transformation of society by means of cooperation with people of all strata or what the JCP calls "a united front". Even under difficult conditions when the former Socialist Party and the Komei Party made an agreement aiming at excluding the JCP, the JCP never succumbed to their conspiracy and instead increased cooperation with an even wider spectrum of people and organizations. Shii stressed that this indomitable spirit came to fruition in recent years as evidenced by the launch of joint struggles with concerned citizens and opposition parties. He said, "Whatever difficulties may come, the JCP will stand firm on its policy of achieving social change through the power of a united struggle as the party Program calls for.

Shii said, "Today, in the 21st century, the international community is confronted by the climate crisis and the widening disparity between the rich and the poor. Such serious contradictions in capitalism are becoming obvious to everyone. Many people have now come to wonder 'if it would be OK to continue with this system as it is'. In this respect, the JCP's future goal, which is to establish socialism and communism after going through capitalism, is becoming more important." He then talked about the potential benefit to the world that social progress in the developed capitalist country of Japan would bring about, and added, "I will continue working hard for a JCP advance by holding up high the banner of 'the Japanese Communist Party'."
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