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2022 November 23 - 29 TOP3 [JCP]

JCP's political funds in 2021

November 26, 2022

The Internal Affairs Ministry on November 25 published the reports submitted by each political party and political organization on their revenues and expenditures of political funds in 2021.

The Japanese Communist Party income totaled nearly 19.6 billion yen (down 3.4% year-over-year) and its expenditures amounted also to 19.6 billion yen (down 1.5% YoY). The party carried over about 1.43 billion yen (down four million yen YoY) to following years.

On the same day, JCP Financial and Management Commission Chair Iwai Tetsuya issued the following statement on the JCP political funds report:

"State subsidies to political parties" is a system that taxpayer money of 250 yen per capita is divided among political parties in violation of the Constitution. The JCP refuses to receive such subsidies. The party also refuses to accept donations from businesses and other organizations because this kind of money is a means to buy political parties. For the costs of party activities, the JCP relies on membership dues, Akahata subscription fees, sales from party publications, and contributions from party members, supporters, and individuals.

Publication activities accounted for 86.6% of party income and 60.8% of expenditures, reflecting the fact that JCP activities are based on its newspaper Akahata.

The general election took place in 2021. Already in 2020, in preparation for the general election, the JCP began soliciting individual donations. As a result, contributions from private donors the JCP received in 2020 increased by 1.4 times that of the previous year. In 2021, the party continued to receive private donations which JCP supporters and the people empathizing with JCP's election campaign platform provided to finance the JCP election campaign. The amount of individual contributions exceeded 600 million yen in 2021.

This year marks the centennial anniversary of the JCP founding. JCP members throughout the country are closely connected with local people at the grassroots level, working hard to increase Akahata subscribers and JCP members to expand the JCP network. By doing this, the JCP raises its own finances. This is another tradition unique to the JCP.

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