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2023 February 22 - 28 [SOCIAL ISSUES]

Ignoring Hibakusha's call, Hiroshima City will exclude 'Barefoot Gen' from peace study materials

February 22, 2023
Six organizations in Hiroshima City, including teachers' unions and an A-bomb survivors' group, on February 21 demanded that the Hiroshima City Board of Education continue to utilize the manga "Barefoot Gen" as a learning/teaching resource for peace education.

The Board of Education announced earlier that it will no longer include "Barefoot Gen" as material for learning and teaching about peace. In response, the six organizations submitted a written request to the head of the Board of Education, calling for the withdrawal of the decision.

The written request states that "Barefoot Gen" is an excellent resource material playing an extraordinary role in light of the purpose of peace education which is "to pass on and send the importance of peace to the next generation" as called for by the Hiroshima City government and the city's Board of Education.

The written request also states, "Now that the use of nuclear weapons is an imminent danger, the message for peace that 'Barefoot Gen' conveys can reach a wide range of generations and regions."

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