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2023 July 12 - 18 [SOCIAL ISSUES]

Farmers group submits proposal to gov't on ways to improve self-sufficiency rate in food

July 12, 2023

Accompanied by Japanese Communist Party member of the House of Councilors Kami Tomoko, representatives of the Japan Family Farmers Movement (Nouminren) on July 11 at the Ministry of Agriculture building in Tokyo met with the agriculture minister to submit a proposal on ways to overcome the present crisis in domestic agriculture.

Nouminren proposes that efforts to increase Japan's food self-sufficiency rate be a government obligation; legislation be made to enable a shift of the raised costs on to agricultural produce; and an agroecology system based on family farming be built to expand production.

Nouminren Chair Hasegawa Toshiro said to Agriculture Minister Nomura Tetsuro, "An increasing number of farmers in hilly and mountainous areas are abandoning their farmland. Large-scale farming or turning family farming into a private company alone cannot solve the present crisis. The country's self-sufficiency rate fell to 38% over the past six decades. It is necessary to amend the relevant law now."

JCP Dietmember Kami said, "The Nouminren from the standpoint of farm producers made this proposal. I hope that the government will utilize it for agriculture policymaking."

Farm Minister Nomura said, "Incorporating family farming as a private business is beneficial for family farmers. I know that family farming is the most basic style of farming but we should explore various other styles."

Nouminren Vice Chair Sasawatari Yoshio at a press conference held after the submission of the proposal emphasized the need for the government to set a legally-binding goal, not set a goal to just "strive for" improving the self-sufficiency rate in food.

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