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2023 November 29 - December 5 [JCP]

JCP Chair Shii speaks at ‘GGG + Forum’

November 29, 2023

Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo took the rostrum at the 10th “GGG + Forum” held in Tokyo on November 28 and suggested that Japan work together with ASEAN nations and be committed to establishing lasting peace in East Asia through peace-oriented diplomacy.

The event took place under the auspice of “RESULTS Japan”, an international NGO working to make policy recommendations to eliminate global poverty. Government officials, Dietmembers, and business leaders exchanged opinions about ways to build a peaceful and stable society.

Shii in his speech introduced the JCP’s basic viewpoint on security and spoke about what Japan with its Article 9 of the Constitution should do to contribute to creating true peace in Asia.

In regard to the argument, “Strong deterrence based on the Japan-U.S. alliance ensures Japan’s security,” Shii said, “The essence of deterrence is to discourage an enemy by intimidation from taking action.” He pointed out that the strengthening of deterrence is a dangerous road leading to a vicious cycle of “a fear for a fear” or “force with force”. He emphasized that Japan should be dedicated to peace diplomacy to give an enemy peace of mind, not to fuel fear.

Shii cited ASEAN as an example which puts a peaceful diplomatic approach into practice. He said that ASEAN is proposing the “ASEAN Outlook on the Indo-Pacific (AOIP)” in order to turn the entire East Asian region into a peaceful region by upgrading the “East Asia Summit (EAS)” which consists of eight countries, including Japan, China, and the U.S., in addition to ten ASEAN member states.

Shii added, “Japan should share an AOIP framework as a common goal with ASEAN countries, not pursue a major arms buildup, and should stick to its diplomacy for the purpose of establishing a war-free East Asia. The JCP is ready to move the government in that direction.”

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