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Tamura talks with local organizations in quake-hit Noto region regarding industrial recovery

February 9, 2024

Japanese Communist Party Chair Tamura Tomoko on February 8 visited Wajima and Nanao cities in the quake-hit Noto region in Ishikawa Prefecture, and exchanged views with local organizations regarding the need for the recovery of industries from the powerful quake’s devastating impact.

JCP Policy Commission Chair Yamazoe Taku, JCP member of the House of Councilors Inoue Satoshi, and JCP Ishikawa Prefectural Assembly member Sato Masayuki joined the JCP chair on her visit.

In Wajima City, famous for one of Japan’s traditional crafts (Wajima lacquerware -Wajima-nuri in Japanese), Tamura held talks with the chair of the Wajima Lacquerware Commerce and Industry Cooperative Association, Hinami Naoyuki.

Hinami pointed out that with the New Year’s Day massive quake, the Wajima-nuri industry is facing a crisis that the industry has never experienced before. Expressing his determination to restore the traditional craft industry, he called for the JCP’s cooperation.

Tamura stated that the Kishida government, as part of post-disaster relief measures, plans to support traditional industries by providing up to 10 million yen in subsidies to cover the costs required to support the businesses. When Tamura asked if the subsidy amount is sufficient, the cooperative association head said that considering that the Wajima-nuri industry has not recovered from the COVID-related economic losses yet, the amount is insufficient. Tamura said that the JCP will urge the government to improve the subsidy program in order to help to continue production of this traditional craftwork.

In Nanao City, famed for a hot spring resort called “Wakura Onsen,” Tamura talked with Tanizaki Yu, head of the Wakura Onsen Tourism Association/Wakura Onsen Hotels Cooperative Association.

Tanizaki said that now, even one month after the quake, all 22 lodging facilities in Wakura Onsen are unable to resume business operations. As an urgent demand, he emphasized the need for state support for the reconstruction of severely damaged infrastructure, including a pipe system that supplies hot spring water from the source to hot spring accommodations.

Tamura held talks with the mayors of Wajima and Nanao cities as well as with Ishikawa Governor Hase Hiroshi.

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