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2024 February 28 - March 5 [SOCIAL ISSUES]

Fukushima citizens protest against 4th ocean discharge of radioactive Fukushima water

February 29, 2024

Tokyo Electric Power Company on February 28 started the fourth round of release of ALPS-treated radioactive water from its Fukushima nuclear power plant into the ocean. The ocean release this time will last until March 17 and about 7,800 tons of water will be discharged.

A Fukushima citizens’ group took to the streets in Fukushima City to protest against the fourth discharge and increase public support for their demand for an immediate suspension of the ocean release.

Japanese Communist Party Fukushima Prefectural Assembly members took part in this action.

The JCP prefectural assemblymembers’ group head, Kamiyama Etsuko, pointed out that even though 13 years have passed since the 2011 Fukushima nuclear meltdown accident, efforts toward decommissioning the crippled nuclear plant have made little progress. She said that it is unacceptable for the national government and TEPCO to carry on with the ocean discharge in defiance of opposition from Fukushima fishermen and the general public.

Holding a placard that read, “No! Ocean release!”, a woman participant said, “I’m really shocked at the news that highly contaminated water leaked from a building at the Fukushima power plant early this month. The ocean discharge must be stopped right now.”

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