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2024 May 8 - 14 TOP3 [SOCIAL ISSUES]

Lawyers and JCP exchange opinions on selective dual surname system

May 10, 2024
A round-table meeting between the Japan Federation of Bar Associations and the Japanese Communist Party took place on May 9 in Tokyo to exchange views on a selective dual surname system and on reforms of police interrogations by such means as expanding the scope of electronic and video recordings to all cases. The meeting was hosted by the JFBA political league.

Kikuchi Yutaro, director of the JFBA political league, said, “The JFBA and the JCP share the same opinion on many judicial issues. We would like to work in cooperation with your party to establish justice and the true rule of law.”

JFBA President Fuchigami Reiko expressed her gratitude for JCP cooperation in various JFBA activities, and said, “I am the first female president of the JFBA in its 75-year history, which is receiving attention from inside and outside Japan. I have a responsibility to promote gender equality throughout society.”

JCP Chair Tamura Tomoko congratulated Fuchigami on her appointment as JFBA president, adding, “I’m also the first female JCP chair in its 102 years of existence. The era of women becoming leaders has finally begun. We need to move this era further forward.”

Indicating that in 95% of married couples, the woman had to give up her maiden name, the JFBA requested JCP support for the early realization of a selective dual surname system. It also requested JCP support for the legislation requiring audio recording of law enforcement interrogations and the presence of legal counsel during police interrogations.

JCP Secretariate Head Koike Akira said in response, “Our party fully advocates the introduction of a selective dual surname system for married couples. Let’s work together to make it happen!” Regarding interrogation reform, he said, “It will require a multipartisan approach. Our party is committed to making Japan a country where the law and fundamental human rights are properly protected.”

Fifteen JFBA vice presidents, the JFBA secretary-general, and eight JCP Dietmembers were also present at this round-table discussion and meeting.

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