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2010 June 2 - 8 [ARTS AND SPORTS]

JCP and JOC talk about enhancement of competitiveness of athletes

June 4, 2010
The Japanese Communist Party and the Japanese Olympic Committee on June 3 held talks for the first time and exchanged opinions in regard to topics of increasing the competitiveness of athletes and promotion of people's sports activities.

JCP House of Representatives member Kokuta Keiji explained the JCP's sports policy, saying, "It is people's right to play sports. For a multidimensional development in sports, it is necessary to provide a sports environment that is accessible for everyone and to guarantee athletes the opportunity to enhance their competitive abilities.”

JCP House of Councilors member Miyamoto Takeshi criticized the Democratic Party of Japan’s budget screening process for targeting sports budget for reduction. He stated, “By cutting the sports budgets, the DPJ is trampling on the dignity of those who have devoted themselves to sports. The government should listen to the needs of athletes and their instructors who are making utmost efforts even under heavy financial burdens.”

JOC Executive Director Ichihara Noriyuki said, “It is the state’s responsibility to create a sufficient budget to help increase the competitiveness of athletes and promote participation in sports. We ask for superpartizan cooperation. We, too, must convey the messages that sports contribute to the advancement of the national interest in various ways.”

JOC Training Headquarters head Uemura Haruki also emphasized the role of sports, saying, “Sports contribute to human development. Championship sports in which athletes display their ability to the maximum affect people deeply.”
- Akahata, June 4, 2010
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