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2009 April 22 - 28 [PEACE]

Survey shows 60 percent of high school students want Article 9 defended

April 27, 2009
A survey shows that more than 60 percent of high school respondents are in favor of the defense of the war-renouncing Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution, up 17 percentage points from the previous survey in 2004.

The Japan Senior High School Teachers’ Union surveyed 12,300 students at 148 schools throughout the country.

The reason most of the respondents in favor of Article 9 gave was that changing the constitutional provision for peace could pave the way for war. Some pointed out the danger of being involved in wars abroad if it is changed.

As to ‘Yes or No’ to sending the Self-Defense Forces to Iraq, 23.8 percent chose ‘Yes’ because they believe that it will help in the “humane reconstruction of Iraq,” while 37.6 percent chooses ‘No, mostly because Japan’s support should be shifted to U.N.-centered reconstruction efforts.

Vice secretary of the teachers’ union Haruna Kimihiro said, “The percentage of those who choose “Don’t know” about amending Article 9 declined by 16 percentage points from the previous survey, and the percentage of defenders sharply increased. High school students are increasing their awareness of the need to promote peace through media reports on the Iraq War and the activities of the nationwide Article 9 Association.”
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