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2008 December 10 - 16 [SDF]

Defense chief promises to review SDF Joint Staff College’s ‘historical view’ program

December 12, 2008
Defense Minister Hamada Yasukazu in the Diet said that his ministry will review and possibly remove the historical view program at the Self-Defense Force Joint Staff College, a program initiated by Tamogami Toshio, former Air SDF Chief of Staff who was dismissed over his article that contradicted the government position.

Hamada was responding to questioning by Japanese Communist Party representative Inoue Satoshi at the House of Councilors Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defense meeting on December 11.

Inoue pointed out that Tamogami, as Joint Staff College commander, stated that if the view that the former Japanese Army had made mistakes in Asia becomes prevalent within the SDF, it will discourage SDF members from fulfilling overseas missions. He demanded that the program be eliminated.

Inoue also took up a Tamogami article published in the monthly Tsubasa, the organ of the ASDF Commissioned Officers’ association. Referring to his visit to China in June 2004 as then Joint Staff College commander, Tamogami proudly wrote that he had told China’s military leaders that he believes that the former Japanese Army had committed nothing wrong in China.

Inoue said, “Such a remark could cause a serious diplomatic problem with China,” and urged the government to reveal detailed reports on this case and its aftermath.

Hashimoto Seiko, vice foreign minister, revealed an official telegram from a foreign ministry attache in China that quoted Tamogami as saying, “I have some disagreements with China regarding historical issues.”

Defense Minister Hamada said that the ministry has no record as regards its handling of his statement in China.

“The fact is that the government neglected to take steps in response despite the fact that it received the controversial telegram regarding Tamogami, and notwithstanding this, the defense ministry appointed him to be the ASDF Chief of Staff. The government must take responsibility for all these mistakes,” Inoue argued.
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