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2012 October 24 - 30 [NUCLEAR CRISIS]

Provide Fukushima children with long-term medical checkups: mothers’ group

October 26, 2012
Mothers living in Fukushima on October 25 demanded that the government establish a program for providing children in Fukushima with long-term medical checkup for free.

The demand was incorporation in the petitions submitted by the Japan Mothers’ Congress organizing committee. On the same day, 158 members of the committee visited the Cabinet Office and seven ministries to make a 120-point request resolved at the 58th Congress in August, regarding childcare, education, well-being, civil rights, women’s empowerment, peace and democracy.

Around 30 women from Fukushima and other prefectures went to the Environment Ministry and the Nuclear Regulation Authority to call for relief measures for damages caused by the nuclear accident.

A participant from Fukushima said, “All children in Fukushima should be given dosimeters individually to measure radiation exposure. We need a mental health counselor in every school to take care of the needs of the children.”

A mother from Miyagi expressed her regret for failing to take protective measures for children against radiation after the 3.11 nuclear disaster due to lack of information. She added, “No mother should have to experience the same regret.”

Another participant from Iwate stated, “Please stop saying, ‘There is no danger,’ and doing nothing. Investigate the real state of children in disaster-hit areas.”

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