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2008 April 23 - 29 [PEACE]

Over 7,000 Article 9 associations are engaged in activities throughout Japan

April 26, 2008
‘Article 9 Association’ (A9A) on April 25 announced that more than 7,000 A9As are engaged activities in local communities, workplaces, and various venues throughout the Japan in defense of the war-renouncing Article 9 of the Constitution.

At a press conference in the Diet Building, A9A Secretary General Komori Yoichi, a Tokyo University professor, pointed out that the A9A branches have formed in neighborhoods throughout the nation following the second national exchange meeting in November 2007 that called on the public to form A9A groups in every school district.

Komori said, “Four years of constant grassroots movement action has played an important role in heightening public awareness of the need to oppose constitutional revision. Consequently, in this year’s Yomiuri Shimbun poll, a majority expressed opposition to the revision of the Constitution. The Yomiuri Shimbun is one of the largest pro-constitutional revision dailies in Japan.

Protest against unjust interference

The A9A also published a statement in protest against unjust control and interference by pro-constitutional revision forces.

It revealed that there are many cases of the violation of the freedom of expression and assembly.

In Hakone Town in Kanagawa Prefecture, when a local A9A group applied for a permit to use a public hall, the town board of education imposed the condition that the organizer must avoid emphasizing adherence to Article 9 of the Constitution.

Regarding attacks by Liberal Democratic Party politicians on the government subsidy for the documentary film “Yasukuni”, the A9A statement said, “Pro-constitutional revision forces openly show their impatience by violating the constitutional rights to the freedom of speech, expression, and assembly.

The statement protested against unjust control and interference by stating, “Debate over the Constitution is exactly the type of free speech that should be protected.”
- Akahata, April 26, 2008
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