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2007 December 12 - 18 [JCP]

2nd round of JCP study lectures on Scientific Socialism ends

December 13, 2007
The second round of study lectures on Scientific Socialism given by Fuwa Tetsuzo, director of the Japanese Communist Party Social Sciences Institute, ended on December 11.

More than 500 JCP full-time activists and young members took part in the five-session course entitled, “Marx and Engels theory of revolution” held from October 16 at the JCP head office in Tokyo.

Fuwa compiled excerpts of works and letters written by Marx and Engels and gave lectures on the following sub-themes: “The Communist Manifesto and the Revolution in 1848,” “Europe after the 1848 Revolution,” “The International,” “A majority revolution,” and “Prospect for revolutions in the world and the theory of socialist transition.”

In the series of lectures, Fuwa explained in detail how Marx and Engels explored and developed their revolution theory.

In the final session, Fuwa pointed out challenges faced by the present-day world that include capitalist societies facing the global environment at crisis created by their own profit-first principle, quests for new paths towards socialist development in countries aiming at building socialism, and budding moves towards non-capitalist development in countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Fuwa in conclusion said, “Looking anywhere in the world, you will realize that the present-day world is faced with many questions without any ready-made answers. It is Scientific Socialism that is capable of and has the potential for answering them based on theory and praxis. What I wish you to acquire is not individual conclusive propositions. Like Marx and Engels, who continuously challenged new problems and pursued scientific answers based on Scientific Socialism, I wish you all to take over and acquire such an attitude.”
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