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2013 May 29 - June 4 TOP3 [LABOR]

Workers strike against IBM Japan’s ‘lockout’ layoffs

June 4, 2013
IBM Japan workers on June 3 went on strike against the tech giant’s continuing “lockout” layoffs.

In the so-called “lockout” tactic, the company’s supervisors call workers just before closing time, notify them of their dismissal, and lock them out right away.

The latest “lockout” dismissals were conducted in late May against an unknown number of IBM workers, including two female executive members of the IBM branch of the All-Japan Metal and Information Machinery Workers’ Union (JMIU).

Currently, three union members are fighting in court calling for their dismissals to be nullified. Ishihara Takayuki, representing the IBM branch union, said at a strikers’ rally in front of the IBM Japan head office, “We recognized our union officials’ dismissal during the court case as the company’s declaration of war against the JMIU. We will strongly protest and fight against the attack.”

JMIU Chair Ikuma Shigemi said, “Once employers hire workers, they are responsible for keeping them employed. Disposable use of workers and arbitrary dismissals cannot be tolerated.”

The strike was conducted by about 100 union members at the head office and the company’s three other offices in Toyosu in Tokyo, Makuhari in Chiba, and in the city of Osaka.

Promoting a massive restructuring scheme, IBM Japan has also cut the salaries of workers with “poor job performance” ratings by 10% to 15%.

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