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2007 July 18 - 24 [JCP]

Former JCP Chair Fuwa issues statement on ‘CIA report on JCP’ quoted in Jiji Press article

July 20, 2007
Japanese Communist Party former Central Committee Chair Fuwa Tetsuzo on July 19 issued the following statement regarding a Jiji Press article dated the same day entitled, “China and USSR funded JCP generously during 50’s and 60’s, according to CIA”:

The “CIA report” on the JCP quoted in the Jiji article was produced in 1964 and is an irresponsible document without any objective foundation as proved by its own repeated admissions such as “[Information] is confusing and often contradictory” and “There is conflicting information.”

The JCP has never asked foreign organizations, including communist parties, for financial assistance nor received money from them.

After the collapse of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in 1991, a part of the Japanese media attacked the JCP by referring to Soviet funds, using CPSU secret internal documents from its archives. At that time, the JCP sent an investigation team to Moscow, obtained related internal documents, including those used by the media, and thoroughly researched and analyzed them. Based on the research, the JCP established the fact, by using the CPSU documents, that the reported Soviet funds were funds sent to CPSU collaborators and betrayers while the CPSU made interference in the JCP in the 1950’s and 60’s. The JCP thoroughly made clear that the JCP was innocent of such allegations.

As the JCP head, I wrote in 1993 the details of our investigation and analysis under the title, “Interference And Betrayal: Japanese Communist Party Fights Back Against Soviet Hegemonism” (1994, Japan Press Service).

It revealed the whole picture of the issue, including how the funds for interference were created and used internationally and how the funds were sent from the CPSU to its collaborators and betrayers in Japan. We are convinced that our investigation completely dispelled the suspicion against the JCP involving foreign funds.

Now that 14 years have passed since then, the worn-out CIA document produced in the 60’s was brought up again in the House of Councilors election, an important political battle that will decide Japan’s future course. The CIA document itself confessed that the accuracy of the cited information is questionable. If someone is giving rise to suspicions about the JCP funds in 1950’s and 60’s using the CIA document as grounds without checking the facts already revealed by the Soviet secret documents, we cannot help but smell a hidden political conspiracy involving the CIA. Such a conspiracy should never be condoned in the media or in the world of politics. - Akahata, July 20, 2007
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