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2007 June 27 - July 3 [JCP]

Fuwa holds talks with CAFIU Vice President Zhu

July 3, 2007
Fuwa Tetsuzo, Japanese Communist Party Social Sciences Institute director, on July 2 held talks at the JCP head office in Tokyo with a Chinese delegation led by Zhu Dacheng, Chinese Association for International Understanding (CAFIU) vice president.

In January 1998, Zhu, then secretariat chief of the Communist Party of China International Department, visited the JCP head office for the first time as a representative of the CPC and held talks with Fuwa, then JCP Chair, on the normalization of JCP-CPC relations.

Heartily welcoming the delegation, Fuwa recalled the past nine and a half years since their first talks. Fuwa and Zhu were pleased with the subsequent normalization and development of relations between the two parties.

Zhu emphasized the significance of the “Five Principles that should govern Japan-China relations” which Fuwa had proposed in the JCP-CPC summit talks in 1998. Referring to the improvement in the bilateral relations brought about by the prime ministers’ mutual visits since last year, Zhu asked Fuwa about the present situation and future perspective for bilateral relations of friendship.

Fuwa said that although the JCP appreciated the improvement in bilateral relations last year, barriers have not been removed and the Japanese political situation needs to be carefully watched. Fuwa explained in detail about the issues concerning Yasukuni Shrine and wartime “comfort women.”

Five Principles that should govern Japan-China relations
(1) Japan will strictly reflect on its past war of aggression;
(2) Japan will stick by the “one-China” policy in international relations;
(3) Japan and China will stand firm on mutual non-aggression and relations based on peaceful coexistence;
(4) Japan and China will solve all problems by peaceful negotiations; and
(5) Japan and China will cooperate with each other for peace in Asia and the rest of the world. - Akahata, July 3, 2007
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