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2007 April 25 - May 8 [LABOR]

JCP May Day slogans

April 27, 2007
The Japanese Communist Party’s slogans for the 78th May Day are as follows:

- Block the increase in poverty and social disparity; eradicate unpaid overtime work and “disguised contract work”; establish a uniform national minimum wage system with an hourly wage of 1,000 yen or more; prevent adverse revision of labor laws; establish rules for humane working conditions.

Build a society where young people can live in hope.

Protect local economies and the environment; large corporations must fulfill their social responsibilities.

- Redress the taxation system that imposes heavier tax burdens on the public while reducing taxes on large corporations and the wealthy; don’t increase the consumption tax rate.

Don’t raise premiums for nursing care insurance and national health insurance; solve the shortage of doctors and nurses in order to provide safe and through medical services.

- Oppose revision of Article 9 that will pave the way for turning Japan into a war-fighting nation; let us scrap the bill to establish procedures for constitutional revision.

Don’t distort the facts and history of the wartime “comfort women” issue.

Don’t allow glorification of Japan’s war of aggression and colonialism; develop friendship with other peoples.

- Block the implementation of the adversely revised Fundamental Law of Education; scrap the three education bills.

- The U.S. must end the unlawful occupation of Iraq; immediately withdraw the Self-Defense Forces from Iraq.

Oppose the realignment and strengthening functions of U.S. bases; let us abrogate the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty.

Abolish nuclear weapons now.

- Let us give a severe verdict on the hawkish and pro-constitutional revision Abe Cabinet and Liberal Democratic-Komei government in the upcoming House of Councilors election.

- Block the scheme to create a “two major party system” serving the U.S. and Japanese business circles; let us achieve advances of the Japanese Communist Party, the only reliable opposition party. - Akahata, April 27, 2007
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